Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lunch buffet

Litt på norsk helt nederst:

I'm still figuring out how to post pictures, and here is a collection from today's lunch:

Of course this is how you fill a lot of salt cellars
quickly and without spilling anything! > > > > > 

Norwegian potato balls.
There are many local variations, and here's a link to diferent recipes:

 And some pictures of food: 

Always some good veggie alternatives >

Today Nettbakeren and his assistant Betina presided over a chocolate fountain ...

And they  sampled the results. 

I did too. 

Sampled, that is, and they were good.

Over to Norwegian: 

Hei, Terje! Det var eleven Betina som hjalp deg med sjokoladen, ikke sant? Og hvordan gikk det? Jeg syns jeg hørte ordet "maisenna" da jeg gikk forbi ... for å tykne sjokoladen? Godt var det, i hvert fall!

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