Friday, November 29, 2013

Farewell Dinner Night ...

... is on the night before Trondheim, because passengers often disembark there instead of in Bergen the next day.

If you have a choice, I'd suggest you stay with the ship. Day 11 is lovely, and so are the final hours down the coast to Bergen. 

More fuzzy photos: 
My dinner companion, Bjørn Frotvedt, is welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine. And no, they don't do this at every meal.

And here is Wanda Clark from Indiana in the foreground, 
when the head chef, Kurt Gjertsen, is presented. 

Wanda is my cabin neighbour, 
so I could ask if she was OK with me posting a picture. 

The rest are random (as in "completely disorganized") photos of staff and officers, just to give you an idea of how this shift on this ship says goodbye. Please let me know if you want me to remove some of them, or if you want me to add your names * 

And many thanks to everyone who works on board, both the visible and the invisible, for making this a great vacation.

* email: koftakorma @

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