Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Oversettes til norsk etterhvert

The day before ice dipping in Vardø day, I had decided to sign up for it. But I wrenched my knee badly some time ago, and I kept having nightmares about falling and hurting it again, so I let it be. 

If I had known more about the setup, I would have grabbed my trusty crutch and jumped in. And the next time I'm up here, I have no excuse.

The dips are organized by Vardø vannsportsklubb, the Vardø Water Sports club. And their clubhouse is used as a changing room.

Here is the setup:

The building that Red Jacket Person is passing, is the changing room.
And the ramp in the middle of the picture leads down to the pool

And here are today's Ice Masters: 
Cato Halvorsen and Tor Erik Labahå.
One of the things they do, is to make sure that everyone is fitted out with non-skid diving boots

A closer look at the ramp ...

And this is what the pool looks like.

With non-skid boots I can totally do this!

How about you?

A question for the Powers That Be : Would it be feasible to rent out the white towelling bathrobes? I would happily pay to have one for the duration of the trip to use and from the jacuzzies. And it would lower the ice dipping threshold quite a bit. My threshold, anyway.

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