Friday, November 22, 2013

Meeting the internet baker on Finnmarken

This is how it started:

Finnmarken is my favorite ship because it has one thing none of the others have: Babette's Cafe. The perfect place for an introvert with a passion for landscapes and a need for peaceful writing time.

Babette's also has cake. Lots and lots and lots of lovely and delicious sweet stuff.

And so, when I found Nettbakeren on Facebook, I followed him immediately - on their shift, he and his team are the creators of these goodies, and of the tempting cakes and sweets at the lunch buffet.

Here is a link to Nettbakerens Norwegian Facebook page, featuring him, his trusty sidekick and me:

I got involved because I wrote a couple of days ago that it was confusing to see Nettbakeren on board ship - in my mind he lived on Facebook. And he replied that he was going to have a surprise ready for me at lunchtime ... which he did: maybe the best toffee I have ever tasted and some elegant chocolate swirls.

When I left the restaurant with a goofy grin, someone asked if it was my birthday. No, it was even better: just a completely ordinary weekday with a dash of magic.

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